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      Yes, said the duke, with a kind of placid eagerness, which one sees displayed by a child at the prospect of a new toy. I have been thinking a great deal lately of that scheme which the famous architectI am ashamed to say I forget his name; it began, if I remember rightly, with a Pthe scheme which he laid before us respecting the Belfayre Bay.What name did you say? he demanded so sternly that the young fellow drew back as if he expected a blow.

      Lie down there, and try and sleep, he said. Keep quiet, at any rate; if not for your own sake, for hers. If she should come to and ask for you, and you presented yourself in your condition, I wouldnt answer for the consequences.

      The men glanced at him from time to time as he leaned back in his tilted chair and read and tore up his letters with languid impassiveness; and Taffy, rousing from a peaceful slumber, got up and drifted across the room to him, and now quite sober, looked down at him sheepishly.

      Trafford looked at him with knit brows.

      We shall see, said Lord Selvaine. I may say, my dear Mr. Helby, that I am using my powers in that direction. We shall see.


      No? said Esmeralda, quite calmly. I thought they were rather pretty. But you know, of course.


      He looked round the group and selected six men by name.


      What should she do? Keep silent, or tell him all she had heard?