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      Why? My dear child, how can you ask? Lord Trafford is the best parti in London. He is not only the Marquis of Trafford, but he will be the Duke of Belfayre. The dukedom is one of the oldest in England. Belfayre is one of the most magnificent places in Europein the world! My dear Esmeralda, you have done splendidly! I am proud of you!

      I, too, loved her, he said, simply.

      What are you going to do to-day? he asked.



      Lord Selvaine fell back, and regarded his nephew with half-closed lids.


      If she had known, she would have taken fright, like the deer in the park, which started at her approach. When Trafford came back from his short visit to London, he looked round the hall, where all but Esmeralda were gathered for afternoon tea, as if he missed something.